B2B Pipeline Generation that Grows Revenue.

Generate qualified sales opportunities with Paid Ads and Emails .

Generate qualified sales opportunities with Paid Ads and Emails .

Target, Engage and Acquire Accounts Like…

Target, Engage and Acquire accounts like…

Indicators of a Struggling Growth Engine

Close rates going down

Sales Cycles stretching months longer

Struggling to Go to Market with Enterprise Deals and Customers

Excessive Cash burn on Ads & Tech

Bad fit Leads/Opportunities generated from Marketing

Low volume of Marketing Sourced Pipeline Opportunities

B2B SaaS founders looking to Go To Market in the Mid Market and Enterprise customer segments.

B2B Sales teams looking to Upscale Revenue with larger contract/deal value customers

Marketing teams looking for optimized campaigns to deliver a sustainable inflow of high-intent sales opportunities.

The Problem with Conventional B2B Marketing

Our Framework

1.Targeting & Prioritization

Use a tailor-made marketing plan to target, engage and acquire:

  • Highest paying customers(higher ACV)
  • Fastest Converting customers
  • Customers with longer lifetime

2. Campaigns aligned to how your Prospects Buy

For creating opportunities that convert, we analyze the buying journey of your target customers by:

  1. Analyzing Prospect Discovery Calls
  2. Mapping out core buying stakeholders and their buying criteria
  3. Building a comprehensive positioning plan to stand out against the industry Status Quo
  4. 1-1s with Sales teams to uncover major objections of prospective deals to buying

3. A Viable Messaging and Personalization strategy

Leverage a personalization strategy that goes “beyond tools and custom fields” to make sure that the messaging of every campaign stands out for each prospect.

Use various One-One and On-Few level personalization tactics for all strategic collaterals, content, and copy created.


Pipeline Generation Campaigns that resonate with target accounts at scale.


  • Qualify and Capture Opportunities actively looking to buy through Cold Sequences
  • Lead Generation Sequences to trigger interest inside lurkers
  • Retargeting and Nurturing Sequences to enhance ROI

LinkedIn Ads

  • Performance-based Ads to Cold or Custom Audiences
  • Lead Nurturing campaigns to Ad Engagers for enhancing ROI
  • Account-Based Ads to High-priority Accounts from Sales
  • Amplify Intent to buy for stuck sales deals with Deal Acceleration campaigns

Create Hyper Personalized Messaging and relevant buying experiences for the most Revenue Significant Deals.

  • Targeted campaigns to all key stakeholders across multiple channels(Ads, Outbound, Communities)
  • 1-1 Relationship-building campaigns (in sync with sales) with decision-makers
  • Sales Enablement and Product Marketing strategy in sync with Sales and customer support/success to decrease sales cycle and increase conversions.


We prefer to charge a retainer fee after a 6 weeks pilot with a client, in some cases we open up revenue sharing/cost per opportunity options as well.

We work remotely, all our clients are allocated a project lead/account manager to brainstorm and iterate weekly on campaigns. You would have full visibility of all creatives working on the project . We are always available to chat on slack/teams to answer any queries or suggestions. We create real time dashboards right inside your CRM along with weekly reports and send work updates twice a week.

You can schedule a call with us on your preferred timings. After the call, which we would send out our business brief to you in which we mention our week by week roadmap along with expected outcomes.

What’s the Difference?


Helping Early stage B2B teams Go to Market with Outbound Channels including Emails and LinkedIn.

  • Account Warm up campaigns for cold target accounts
  • Demand Capture Campaigns for Warm Accounts
  • Deal Acceleration Campaigns for Stuck Deals
  • One-One Relationship Building Campaigns for 10-20 High priority Accounts that your sales team desperately wants to engage or close.

LinkedIn Ads

Creating a high-converting pipeline of Mid Market and Enterprise deals using Paid LinkedIn

  • Personalized account-based ads to top priority accounts.
  • Brand Awareness and Demand Gen ads to target accounts
  • Retargeting and Conversion ads for high-intent website visits.
  • Deal Acceleration ads for existing stuck/lost deals in the Sales Pipeline.

Schedule a Strategy Call!

Let’s have a chat to discuss synergies, in the call we are going to:

  • Collect Context about your business and ICP
  • Discover core Growth Levers
  • Find out the ideal Next Steps

Schedule a Strategy Call!

Let’s have a chat to discuss synergies, in the call we are going to:

  • Collect Context about your business and ICP
  • Discover core Growth Levers
  • Building out the Roadmap of the Ideal Next Steps